Our {ADHD} Journey Continues

I don’t know if back-blogging is a word, but if so, that’s what I’m doing. This post is another one previously shared on my personal site, but is important to our story!  🙂

From talking to many parents of crazy, more active than normal, kids with ADHD, it is not uncommon for kiddos not to do well on the first medication the physician tries.  However, I was surprised to hear that many try one medication, it goes wrong, and they stop the process.  There is usually not a one medication fix all for many disease processes.  For example, a doctor often has to try many medications before they get it right for high blood pressure.  Difficult ear infections.  High cholesterol.  So, I am way too stubborn to quit that easy.

Fortunately for us, and for my sweet Eli, the second medication we tried he did not have side effects from.  His dose was so low that we also didn’t notice much improvement in behavior, but after our first experience, there was victory in NO SIDE EFFECTS!!  So, last week, we doubled that dose, and have had a very good week.  He says that he is finishing his work on time in class and not having time out in after school care, so those are definite school victories.  The sweetest difference I have seen is that the child who has never enjoyed coloring or writing, is drawing awesome pictures.  The other night, he drew a picture that included a sky, an ocean, and a person scuba diving in the ocean with goggles.  This was wwwayyy more detailed than anything he would have ever had the patience to attempt prior to medication.  It’s the little things, ya’ll.  I don’t want my babies medicated zombies.  In fact, if I see their crazy personalities fade, we will have to come down on their doses.  But, I’m excited about the little, and normal things that they miss because they’re so active.
I am super thankful for a pediatrician who takes the time to talk to me, doesn’t treat me like I should know everything (or nothing), and doesn’t treat me like my parenting is the reason that my kids, and our family, needs help.

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