Minnie Me Boutique is Born

22366617_1985574118322543_2677580445054456771_nOver the last month of so, my personal Facebook page has taken a new direction.  My newsfeed is suddenly filled with fundraising efforts for amazing families scattered across the United States— California, Colorado, and here in Georgia, bringing kiddos home from Jamaica, Colombia, and Bulgaria.  This isn’t a bad thing at all.  However, I thought it would be more efficient to give it it’s own space.

Minnie Me Boutique is going to be my vehicle for fundraising for adopting families.  It will allow me to help multiple families at a time raise funds, without blowing up my friends newsfeeds in the process.  Minnie Me Boutique exists to provide women and their littlest loves sweet, cute clothes and accessories, while supporting families bringing children home to their forever families.  Our ministry will benefit both domestic and international adoptions, as we believe that all children deserve families.  The way this model will work is that I will be able to order the clothing at wholesale cost, and the profit margin will be donated to either 1) the family designated by the purchaser OR 2) if no specific family is mentioned, to the family our ministry is currently focusing on/closest to needing the funds (homestudy, close to travel, etc.).

This ministry will evolve as we go, but for now, we will focus on Christmas clothes (pajamas, dresses, etc.), baby items, and mom and me matching items.  Even if you don’t know any of these families, or don’t have any plans to adopt a child, please consider supporting us in this venture.  Your purchases will help families make orphans a son or daughter.  Often, these are families who could no way afford the 20-40,000 it costs to bring home a child.  But, God can use your small purchase to help reach this seemingly unreachable goal and bring home a precious child to their forever families.  As you prepare to purchase Christmas pjs, dresses, new baby gifts, I beg you to consider purchasing through us.

To say thank you doesn’t seem like enough.  My heart is overflowing with excitement to start this ministry.

Please check out our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/minniemeb .  Share with your friends!




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