Stockpile, what?

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Earlier this week, I stumbled upon a company called Stockpile.  Within a few seconds, I had bought my kiddos stock in Facebook, NERF, and Disney, for a total of $60.  My kids were so excited.  I was so excited.  Ben set out to do his research (you know, he likes to calculate his excitement!)  You can purchase as little as $5 at a time.  Your kids can have a shared account with you.  You can buy gift cards to give, well, as gifts.

The site is user friendly, and I am so excited about the opportunity is going to give us to teach our kiddos about investing.  Who cares if we are investing in Build-A-Bear, American Girl, or NERF?  If they are excited about learning to invest, and how to make their money grow, sign me up for the stock in whatever they want!  (Not going to lie, the fact that Sydney chose Facebook made my momma heart pretty darn happy!)

I absolutely hate giving my kids trinket type toys.  They’re cheap.  They break.  They get lost.  I hate giving them an allowance, because they only make enough to buy said stupid trinket toys.  I am pretty excited about letting them earn money to invest.  Win for me.  Win for them.  Take your loss stupid dollar store toys!

I wrote to the company and asked to be able to give my amazing readers something if they try out Stockpile, and they said yes!  If you use Our Stockpile Link you get a $5 credit to spend on any stock you choose!  Obviously, this is for adults as well, but when you’ve got options like Disney, NERF, Amazon, Apple, Snapchat, Hershey’s, and Nike, I was a little excited for the kiddos.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think, and what you used your $5 to buy!  🙂 🙂


(Disclaimer:  This post contains our family’s affiliate link  You get $5 for signing up using our link, and we get $5 credit in Stockpile as well.  Again, win/win!)


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