No school-Homeschool

Without much warning, our kids just became home school students- just. like. that. In light of this crazy and novel virus- COVID-19, our entire county has cancelled school for just over 2 weeks. They were one of the first to do so, but it seems the rest of the country is following suite as we work to limit exposure and large groups. I have so much to say about the situation as a whole but I want to document here the homeschool experience we have accidentally found ourselves in. I made no secret of my wish to homeschool when Sydney and Eli were little. It was not a shared dream for Ben and me, and being a co-bread winner, it wasn’t in the cards for us. So, I may be a little excited to get to play school for a minute! 😂

Our amazing teachers quickly put together some optional learning activities that the kiddos can access through their google classrooms. They have access to so many amazing online resources that I had never heard of before we started public school last year. I will post links soon.

The kids have a book that was in my car from our recent trip to Louisville/Nashville that has each state and random information about that state. They’ve been quizzing me while I drive all week about each state’s nickname (for the record, I do best when it’s college football related — Volunteer state, Buckeye state, Tarheel state—- I got you! Ha!). I asked Ben to pick 3 states (it made me laugh that before he chose, he said “We aren’t trying to to here now, right?”). He picked Vermont, Maine, and Indiana. I then gathered the fun book from the car, as well as several other kid books about the states. I had them list the state name, it’s abbreviation, the capitol, and three fun facts about the state or things they would want to do there. While we were rounding up books, we also found a large floor puzzle of the 50 states as well. So while Eli distracted himself with the puzzle, Sydney and Liam got to work.

They had fun and we learned some pretty fun things about three states that don’t normally get a ton of attention! We will be taking on all 50 states as we navigate the next two weeks. Maybe we will cross over this lesson into math and keep a tally grid of how many Coronavirus cases in each state. I’m kidding. Ish.

Want to join our make believe homeschool adventure? Today, in addition to adding more states, we are focusing on being an encourager during a stressful time. I’m letting the kids decide on a way to encourage our community helpers while they continue to work to make our community safe. And we will be painting rocks to leave throughout the community (probably after this blows over- don’t want to accidentally share germs via rocks. Geez.). My favorite verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:11- therefore, let us encourage one another and build each other up. That’s our goal today. Happy Saturday, friends!


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