Life Verse.

When I learned that all the members of The (Truett) Cathy family all have life verses, I 1) thought it was a really good idea and 2) felt immense pressure to decide on mine.  But, how would I choose ONE verse to symbolize, represent my whole life?  In true ADHD form, when something seems too big or too overwhelming, you #squirrel, and forget about it.

Years and years later, Ben and I were 2nd grade small group leaders at our church, and our lesson was on encouraging others.   1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore let us encourage one another and build each other up.”.   That’s it!  My life verse.  It doesn’t represent who I AM but WHAT I want to do/be.   In a world of darkness, differences, and separateness, I want to be an encourager, a builder-upper.

What’s your life verse?  How did you discover it?  da8bff911391791b9646ceeee84562c9


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