#bethereasonsomeonesmiles #bekind #dontcrushthekids

Watch this quick video.  

This video.  It’s 100% why I share.   Because, I can’t not.  Because of beautiful little boys like this little boy, with a sparkle in their eye and a love for life.  They need an advocate.  They need a voice.  Because without one, they become another statistic.   Another drop out.  Another underperforming student who was in fact, left behind.  I can’t sit back and watch it happen.  Not to my little boy, or yours.  

When it was my beautiful little boy, with the bounce in his step and the sparkle in his eyes, it infuriated me when the lady in the carpool line yelled at him and his sister every day for taking too long to get out of the car.  Wouldn’t “Good morning, guys!” have been a better start?  This negativity and ambivalence continued throughout their day.  In the hallway, in the classroom, in the cafeteria.  Oh, don’t even get me started on the cafeteria!  As four year olds, they were labelled and punished and given long lists of what was bad.  No wonder my son hated to go to school.  I hated to take him (and his sister!) there!

There is a way to make sure that you have a classroom full of children who are respectful and cooperative WHILE encouraging a LOVE of learning.   Thankfully, that’s exactly what we have gotten since we left that school.   My children are motivated, eager to learn, and thriving.   And greeted with kind words and hugs!   Our children are way too fragile to squash their enthusiasm and passion right out of them just because we have been jaded by life and circumstances. 

Disclaimer:  For us, a private school was the answer.  But, I don’t think it’s THE answer.  Having adults who value children and understand the importance of acknowledging a child, praising him/her for a job well done, and demonstrating kindness to them through example makes all of the difference.  Discipline my child when needed, but not before you validate him as a human being! 


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